64 Years as

Canada’s Premier Ham Radio VHF UHF Microwave Group

Who is the OVHFA

The OVHFA is a loosely knit group of like minded Radio Amateurs who share an interest in operating and experimenting on the bands above 30 MHz.

While the title says Ontario, we have members from across Canada, the U.S., New Zealand and the U.K.

The group traces its roots back to 1950 when they would meet at the Riverside Inn, in Oakville annually.  This was known as “The Do”. With the support of some of the old guard the group re convened in 1998 and continued to meet regularly until 2008.  In 2004 the group sponsored the annual “Central States VHF Conference”  Since then we keep in touch on the “air” and on our chat site, and now here.  Hopefully we will find a venue for a formal meeting in 2014!

Dana VE3DS at Arecibo

in 2013 - Arecibo’s 50th Anniversary

Arecibo’s Head of Telescope Operations and Spectrum Manager -  Angel WP3R

The 1950 Oakvile Do  - VHFers back in the day

Photo’s of the Gang

The VE3ONT Group - Moonbounce from the Algonquin Radio Observatory

We are under construction - QRX!